Safeguarding an innovation is of prime importance for people who invent something new. Every time there is an original idea taking shape, it is important for the innovator to protect their innovation against any fraud or duplication. PATENTOMARK helps you with this techno-legal document where the exclusive rights towards the ownership of the intellectual property remain solely with the owner.

  • Drafting, Filing and prosecuting Patent applications as per India and other Jurisdictions.
  • Filing of PCT National phase applications and Paris Convention applications.
  • Conducting various searches including Patentability or Novelty searches, Freedom to operate, Invalidation, Landscape studies etc.
  • Patent Litigation process for Opposition both Pre-grant and post grant, Infringement actions, Invalidation/revocation proceedings and Appeals.
  • Post registration services like renewals

Right from the initial searches to clearance opinions till the point of patent prosecution and the licensing procedures our services for Patent gives our clients a full spectrum of end-to end solutions.


With competition becoming fierce and tough in the world, having a very strong brand identity is imperative. As one of the trusted partners we guide our clientele in the selection of trademark, protecting, licensing, and enforcing trademark rights. We are here to protect your unique identity with trademark registration process simplified, explained and implemented. We cover the following protocol while providing a 360° counsel and guidance in trademark registration-

  • Filing and prosecution of Trademark applications at the Indian Trademarks registry
  • Filing Trademarks internationally
  • Trademark search with opinion
  • Litigation: Appeals, Opposition, rectification, Criminal, and civil suits for infringement
  • Portfolio management

Drafting and vetting of Trademark Assignment/License Agreements, Master Royalty Agreements


Our specialized services include protection of creative woks in order to avoid infringement liabilities of any sorts. We counsel writers, artists, photographers, designers, etc. in various aspects and laws of copyrights. We assist you to protect your creative expressions and their original form against any anti-piracy thefts and similar things. We offer the following services that typically come under Copyrights-


  • Infringement and validity advice
  • Filing and registration
  • Litigation- Appeals, cancellation procedures etc.
  • Assignment Agreements, License Agreements etc.


When it’s design, you need to protect it as much as you would protect a Patent. For a design to be registered in India it has to be original, novel, and away from the public domain.  A lesser known fact; but Design needs as much protection. We counsel and help our clients to protect their designs with the following aspects that we help you with…

  • Filing and prosecution for registration of designs
  • Advise on validity and infringement
  • Helping you with litigations such as cancellation, appeals, proceedings, civil suits for infringement etc.
  • Assignments and Licensing with Renewals
  • Managing the portfolio

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